How Do I Use Your Wireless Internet Access?

What is a wireless network?
A wireless network provides Internet access to laptop computers and other equipment without a physical cable connection. A wireless network uses radio communication between the computer and access points to provide access to the Internet
What can I do while connected to the library’s wireless network?
The wireless network provides access to the Internet via the World Wide Web.
Patrons can browse the web, check email, and perform other actions that require an Internet connection. Printing from the wireless network is not currently supported.
How do I connect to the wireless network?
In most cases your device should automatically pick up the SSID (service set identifier). You will connect to the SSID ‘Library-g’.
Set your connection to obtain an IP Address and DNS server automatically.
Disable all encryption (WEP or WPA).
Accessing the Internet.
Once your device connects to the access point and you open a web browser, you will be directed to a page requiring a user name and password. Currently the library’s wireless network can support 10 wireless users at a time.
Is the wireless network secure or private?
WiFi is less secure than wired access. WiFi users need to educate themselves about the security risks, and take steps to secure their