Meeting of the Johnsburg Public Library Board of Trustees

Dec 10 2013 7:00 pm

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Johnsburg Public Library

December 10, 2013



Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President E. Munson at 7:05 P.M.  Trustees present:  M. Diedrich, M.J. Farrell, E. Munson, K. Gustafson, and J. Stockwell.  Trustees absent:  K. Hughes and R. Barnes.  Director M. Zawacki was present.

 New Business

 Tim Low of Low Insurance presented a complete review of the library insurance. For now the policy will basically stay the same.

 Approval of Minutes

 Motion was made by M.J. Farrell and seconded by K. Gustafson to approve the minutes of the November meeting as presented.  Ayes:  M. Diedrich, M.J. Farrell, E. Munson, and K. Gustafson.  Abstain:  J. Stockwell.  Motion passed.

 Approval of Bills

 Motion was made by M.J. Farrell and seconded by J. Stockwell to approve the payment of bills in the amount of $48,044.23.  Ayes: M. Diedrich, M.J. Farrell, E. Munson, K. Gustafson, and J. Stockwell.  Motion passed.

 Treasurer's Financial Report

 Trustees reviewed the financial report.

 Committee Reports

 There were no committee reports.


A thank you note was received from the staff for the Christmas recognition dinner at Paisano's in


 Richmond on December 8th.  All the staff were able to attend and they had a wonderful time.

 The Monthly IT services report indicates that we need to boost up internet speed.

 Unfinished Business

 There was no unfinished business.

Director's Report

 Our local law enforcement was able to help us retrieve some long overdue items from a delinquent patron.  This is the third incident our police department has helped with in getting back overdue items.  They are wonderfully cooperative and successful in helping our library.

There were several parking lot incidents during November and December.  All were minor and taken care of quickly and efficiently.

 Public Input

 There was no public input.

 Board Input

 There was no board input.


 Motion was made by M.J. Farrell and seconded by J. Stockwell to adjourn.  Ayes: M. Diedrich, M.J. Farrell, E. Munson, J. Stockwell, and K. Gustafson.  Motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned by President E. Munson at 8:25 P.M.


                                                                              Respectfully submitted,



                                                                              Madelyn Diedrich, secretary 


December 2013



  1. Holiday Staff Recognition:

This year staff decided they’d like to all go out to a restaurant instead of getting a ham or turkey.  Everyone was able to make Sunday evening, Dec. 8, so we’ll be celebrating at Paisano’s in Richmond.


  1. Another “Super-Delinquent” patron success:

Our local law enforcement helped us again to retrieve some long overdue items from a reciprocal borrower patron from Harvard.  She had $352 worth of items that were due in the fall of 2011.  Nothing happened after I sent the certified letter that the law requires.  But once the officer from the Johnsburg Police Dept. contacted her about the potential felony charge, ALL of the items were returned (in good condition) and the $80 in late fines paid.   There is a third super-delinquent patron, but the items were checked out on a child’s card.  The officer said because it was a minor, we can’t really follow the legal process, but he did make contact with the stepfather.  The child had 18 items out that were one year overdue, with a value of $517.20.  After the officer’s phone call, half of the items were returned.  The officer will follow up again with another phone call to see if he can get the other half returned.  Kudos to our police department for being so wonderfully cooperative, as well as successful in helping us get our material back.


  1. Patron incident report:

I had a patron come in to the library on Sunday, December 1 to report that she had slipped on the salt (not the ice) as she was exiting the library on Friday, November 29.  She face-planted into the salt and had obvious cuts and abrasions.  She did not come in to report it immediately after it happened, and she did not go to a doctor or hospital.  She finally decided to come in and report it to see if the library’s insurance would pay for her broken glasses.  I turned it over to our insurance agent, Tim Low at Low Insurance, and I’ve already been contacted by a representative from our insurance company.  No word yet on settlement.  This was the third incident in less than a month.  Back on a book sale day in November, someone backed into a car and smashed their tail light, and then took off.  A Good Samaritan came in to report it and give us the description of the car and the license plate.  The police came and said since it occurred on private property, they couldn’t officially do anything regarding citations.  But – because they had a license plate, they knew it was a young girl and they sent an officer to her house.  The following weekend, an elderly lady came in to report that she hit a car in the parking lot.  She had recently had leg surgery and said she couldn’t move her leg to get her foot off the gas.  She smashed into a car so bad the driver’s side window was shattered.  Thankfully no one was getting in or out of that car at the time and no one was injured. 


November 2013 statistics:

TOTAL CIRCULATION:  7,231                  AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  249

VOLUMES ADDED:             316                            VOLUMES WITHDRAWN:  85

TOTAL VOLUMES:  62,524                                    TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED:  11,258



Respectfully submitted,





Maria Zawacki

Library Director