Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Feb 12 2013 7:00 pm


Minutes of the Meeting
Of the
Board of Trustees
Johnsburg Public Library
Feb. 12, 2013
Trustees Present: E. Munson, M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, M. Diedrich, K. Kucik
Trustees Absent: J. Stockwell, R. Barnes
Also Present: Dir. M. Zawacki
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Pres. E. Munson at 7:05pm.
Approval of Minutes
Motion was made by K. Hughes, seconded by M. Diedrich, to approve the minutes of the Jan. meeting as presented. Ayes: K. Hughes, M. Diedrich, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Abstention: M.J. Farrell. Motion passed.
Approval of Bills
Motion was made by K. Kucik, seconded by M. Diedrich, to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $60,395.80. Ayes: K. Hughes, M.J. Farrell, M.Diedrich, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Trustee J. Stockwell arrived at 7:10 pm.
Treasurer’s Financial Report
Trustees reviewed the treasurer’s monthly report, noting excellent fiscal position at this time.
Trustee R. Barnes arrived at 7:15 pm.
Committee Reports
There were no committee reports.
Trustees reported receiving letter from patron with complaint regarding access to “classic” literature titles. Issue will be addressed at the March meeting.
Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.
New Business
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Hughes, to accept revised policy for copies and faxes. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, R. Barnes, M. Diedrich, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve quote for audit service from Eder, Casella and Co. in the amount of $7,300.00. Ayes: M.J. Farrell, R. Barnes, M. Diedrich, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
The following volunteered to man the library’s booth at the March 16, 2013 EXPO:
M. Diedrich: 10-12
K. Kucik: 12-1
J. Stockwell, K. Hughes: 1-3
Director’s Report
Trustees reviewed the monthly director’s report.
Public Input
See above under Correspondence
Board Input
There was no board input.
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by J. Stockwell, to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, R. Barnes, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned by Pres. E. Munson at 7:40 pm.
                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                Kathleen Kucik, Secretary

February 2013


  1. Deleted expired cards:
Julie has finished weeding library cards that have been expired for 3 years or more. The total number deleted in FY2013 was 755. Speaking of deleted, we have finally finished weeding the juvenile non-fiction section. We discovered the country and state books were sorely out of date, so we’ve purchased quite a bit of new materials in those areas to replace the outdated ones. Julie is still working her way through weeding the adult 900s, and then the adult non-fiction weeding will be done. We are currently weeding the adult fiction only when there is absolutely no more room in a shelving section, so that is being done only on an as-needed basis right now (based on popularity, date of last checkout, and copyright date). We did have to “weed” the first section of adult books-on-CD due to lack of space for new acquisitions. Because they are so expensive, we are marking the call number in the catalog as “storage” and keeping them on empty shelves above Judy’s desk, so they will still be available for checkout.
  1. New Transitions student:
We’ve had Matthew Rice doing twice-weekly cleaning for the past few months (along with his aide) and he’s been doing a fantastic job. Alas, they have found him a better job at Goodwill with more hours, so this is his last week at the library. Tim Baldwin will be the new student who will be replacing Matthew. He will also have an aide here the entire time to monitor his work.
January 2013 statistics:
TOTAL CIRCULATION:  8,784                                AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  293
VOLUMES ADDED:  282                                         VOLUMES WITHDRAWN: 439
TOTAL VOLUMES: 60,852                                     TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED: 10,700
Respectfully submitted,
Maria Zawacki
Library Director