Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Nov 13 2012 7:00 pm


Minutes of the Meeting
Of the
Board of Trustees
Johnsburg Public Library
Nov. 13, 2012
Trustees Present: M.J. Farrell, K. Hughes, R. Barnes, M Diedrich, J. Stockwell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Also Present: Dir. M. Zawacki
Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Pres. E. Munson at 7:03 pm.
Approval of the Minutes
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by K. Hughes, to approve the minutes of the Oct. meeting as presented. Ayes: R. Barnes, J. Stockwell, K. Hughes, M. Diedrich, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Abstention: M.J. Farrell. Motion passed.
Approval of Bills
Motion was made by K. Kucik, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve payment of the bills in the amount of $44,440.20. Ayes: R. Barnes, M.J. Farrell, J. Stockwell. M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Financial Report
Trustees reviewed this month’s treasurer’s financial report.
Committee Reports
There were no committee reports.
Trustees reviewed notice of insurance coverage summary from Low Insurance Agency.
Trustees reviewed notice of information regarding W-2 reporting of insurance coverage cost.
Trustees reviewed letter from Village of Johnsburg regarding recent sewer project construction.
Trustees reviewed letter from collection agency detailing value of materials returned and fines collected.
Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.
New Business
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by M. Diedrich, to approve Ordinance #2012-11-1 (Ordinance Confirming the Purposes of Accumulations in the Special Reserve Fund). Ayes: R. Barnes, J. Stockwell, M.J. Farrell,,M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Motion was made by J. Stockwell, seconded by M.J. Farrell, to approve quote for public copier from ImageTec in the amount of $8700.00. Ayes: R. Barnes, M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, J. Stockwell, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Motion was made by M.J. Farrell, seconded by J. Stockwell, to approve new electric supply agreement for 2 years with Energy.ME at a rate of .05474 per unit. Ayes: J. Stockwell, M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, R. Barnes, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Trustees reviewed legal notice regarding library trustee election petition filing deadline. Hours set for Dec 24th as 2:00pm-5:00pm.
Motion was made by K. Kucik, seconded by J. Stockwell, to approve staff holiday recognition. Ayes: J. Stockwell, R. Barnes, K. Hughes, M. Diedrich, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed.
Director’s Report
Trustees reviewed the director’s report for the past month.
Public Input
There was no public input.
Board Input
There was no board input.
Motion was made by K.Kucik, seconded by J. Stockwell, to adjourn the meeting. Ayes: J. Stockwell, R. Barnes, M. Diedrich, K. Hughes, M.J. Farrell, K. Kucik, E. Munson. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned by Pres. E. Munson at 7:50pm.
                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                Kathleen Kucik, Secretary


November 2012
  1. Roofing Report:
Thankfully the weather decided to cooperate with us. There was no rain during the 3 days that we had planned to be closed for the roof installation. Everything went off without a hitch – except for the final payment. After completion of the project, Kurt met with the owner of the roofing company and handed over the check with a copy of the invoice, which he marked paid. The owner then left it on someone’s desk. The next day I received a call from the secretary or bookkeeper telling me she had accidentally ripped up the $35,000 check!  She just saw the copy of the invoice inside the envelope, which she didn’t need, so she ripped up the envelope. Afterwards she saw the pieces of the ripped up check. She did drop off the ripped check and Elsie, Jim, and I signed a new one. Thanks again to Kurt for coordinating the entire project from bid process to completion
  1. Per Capita Grant check:
We finally received our FY2012 Per Capita Grant check for $12,737.74. This money is used to help fund purchases for the various print and non-print collections.
  1. Trustee Election:
I contacted Doug Liston about his possible interest in running for Kathy Kucik’s available board seat. While he will not be running, his wife Sandy said she was interested in running. She does have a petition packet.
  1. Friends of the Library eBay/PayPal account for online book sales:
Someone from overseas (Romania?) recently hacked into the Friends account. They created a fake listing and one minute later made a purchase, which generated hundreds of dollars in fake shipping charges through PayPal. Luckily Pam was at work and saw all this happening through her email notifications. She was able to contact eBay and I contacted Johnsburg State Bank. The bank was able to put a stop on the PayPal withdrawals. Pam has now created longer, more complicated passwords and the Friends closed that checking account and opened a new one.
  1. New Teen Group:
Heather, who runs our Adult Book Club, has started a Teen Advisory Group (TAG). There were 13 who attended the Kick-Off Party and Costume Contest during Teen Read Week in October. They are a very enthusiastic group who want to meet informally every Thursday evening. They came up with all kinds of ideas – craft projects, book club, program ideas, etc. Pam Huff, the librarian at the high school, has expressed an interest in the library and high school working together to sponsor TAG projects and activities.


October 2012 statistics:
TOTAL CIRCULATION:  8,376                                AVG. DAILY CIRCULATION:  299
VOLUMES ADDED:  331                                         VOLUMES WITHDRAWN: 174
TOTAL VOLUMES: 60,330                                     TOTAL PATRONS REGISTERED: 11,255
ILL BORROWING STATISTICS:      309                  ILL LENDING STATISTICS:  271                
Respectfully submitted,
Maria Zawacki
Library Director