Nov 13 2018 7:00 pm

Minutes of the Board of Trustees


Johnsburg Public Library


November 13, 2018



Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President M. Diedrich at 7:10 P.M.  Trustees present:  M. Diedrich, K. Gustafson, L. Dohrn, S. Reitz and J. Stockwell.  Director B. Ryan was present. 

Absent:  K. Liston and D. Liston


Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by J. Stockwell and seconded by L. Dohrn to approve the minutes of the October 9, 2018 board meeting.

Ayes:  M. Diedrich, L. Dohrn, K. Gustafson and J. Stockwell.

Abstain:  S. Reitz

Motion passed.


Approval of Bills

Motion was made by J. Stockwell and seconded by S. Reitz to approve the payment of bills in the amount of $46,579.29.

Ayes: M. Diedrich, L. Dohrn, K. Gustafson, S. Reitz and J. Stockwell.

Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Financial Report

Trustees reviewed the FY Year 2018-2019 October 31, 2018 financial report.


Committee Reports




Trustees reviewed the ROI from PrairieCat.  PrairieCat exists to provide an integrated library system (ILS) to its member libraries enabling successful sharing of resources and services and quality and quantity of information accessible to our library users. Director B. Ryan expresses her satisfaction with the new system.


Trustees reviewed the September and October IT reports from Stratus Communications.  Three Johnsburg Library computers will be retired.


Trustees also reviewed the 2018 Tax Projection for Collection in 2019. Current fiscal year amount  $620,496 with 2.1% rate of inflation and 0.1650% limiting rate equals 2.46% increase for our FY 2020 amount payable in 2019.


Unfinished Business 



New Business


Trustees reviewed the current Leave of Absence Policy.  The policy will be reworded for revision.


Trustees reviewed the current Patron Conduct Policy. The policy will be reworded for revision.


Trustees also reviewed trustee requirements for Per Capita Grant.


Trustees were reminded about requirements to be completed for the upcoming trustee election.


Director’s Report


“New Projector System:

Director B. Ryan obtained a “newer” 9 year old digital projector, Blu-ray player and sound system for free from the McHenry Public Library when they updated their current system.  She would like to mount the projector from the ceiling to eliminate carts/cords.



Christmas Party:

The staff Christmas party will be Friday, November 30 at Jameson’s Restaurant in Crystal Lake.


     3. Week of Caring:

Overall this project was a success.  Although the library did not collect in half-price fines as much as collected last spring for FISH, the library collected a decent amount of toiletries and combined these goods with other libraries in a unified effort.


      4. Collection Updates:

Library staff have been re-categorizing and weeding the CD collection.  Melanie has been updating the HRC including the addition of Osmos, which are award-winning learning games that work with iPads, Fires, and iPhones.  The director of the Dixon Public Library drove out last week to see Johnsburg Library’s HRC and to see how Melanie organizes and packages items.  Heather and Julie S. are creating a Parent’s Resource collection which will include picture books on topics such as grief, divorce, LGBTQ, etc.


Public Input



Board Input




Motion was made by L. Dohrn and seconded by J. Stockwell to adjourn.

Ayes:  M. Diedrich, L. Dohrn, K. Gustafson, S. Reitz, and J. Stockwell.

 President M. Diedrich adjourned the meeting at 8:25 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,



                                                                   Karen Gustafson, secretary